Friday, May 28, 2004

Wanna get high dude?!?!

Prison population hit an all time high.

Most of these people are in for drug offenses (I'd post a few links but why bother? It's available on a basic google search.) Why am I paying for this? These people hurt nobody except themselvs, right?

As a firm proproponent of darwinist methods of dealing with idiots and otherwise defective people, I'm completely in favor of eliminating all laws that serve to protect people from themselves. I mean, grow the hell up! If you can't make choices to save your own existence, you deserve to die. Really.

I'd take it even a step further. Give drug addicts free drugs. Free PURE drugs. Legalize all drugs, and send the drug truck into troubled city neighborhoods and trailer parks every Friday night. Then, since we're smart enough to refuse treatment on hospitals for ODs on Fridays, we can send in the morgue trucks every Saturday morning to collect the bodies.

It's a lot cheaper than jailing them, it cleans up the gene pool, and frees up valuable real-estate from people who are better off dead anyway.

There are some lingering arguments about how a stoned person is a danger to other people, like say getting violent (on PCP or acid, for example) and driving cars (on everything from alcohol to strichnine). There are also arguments that drug ODs would cost us money in increased insurance premiums.

This is easily addressed without controlling substances. First, violence is violence -- send addicts to prison for violence. Second, if you hurt or kill someone in a car while under the influence, automatic prison time with a manslaughter or mahem charge. Third, make it so that insurance companies don't have to pay out on ODs and people admitted for an OD can be refused treatment if they don't have assets to cover it (if they have a house, take it!).

You see, there is no solution to the drug problem because you can't solve biochemestry. Accept that fact. Believe it. Live it. The only solution to the drug problem is evolution -- embrace it.

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