Monday, May 17, 2004

Good Money after Bad

Middle East hatred of the US comes down to one thing: Israel. So why do we continue?

The bottom line is that they have long since outlived their military and political usefulness. We have all the foothold we need there to protect our interests (oil, in case you're wondering – do you think we would care otherwise). So why Israel?

And politically, they've gone from an asset to a thorn in our side.

So why do we keep sending support? It's not like they can't take care of themselves and we can give ourselves a good hand-washing of the whole mess. There's no upside to our association.

Don't misunderstand me; they have as much a right to exist as a country as any other. By way of explanation, a nation is the consolidation of power by a group of people. A country is then what it can take and hold by force. Don't make the thinking error that there is rule of law amongst nations (countries), there is only power. Israel, under that doctrine has more than proven its right to exist. (On the other hand, the stated reasons that led to its formation was an enormous pile of, um, sophistry. I guess it sounded good at the time, though.)

We have so much to gain by waving goodbye and good-luck that one wonders why we don't get on with it already.

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