Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's getting drafty.

Word on the street is that the military is having a hard time recruiting kids when there's a zillion crazy al Quida wanna-bes ready to shoot them. This is apparently a big surprise, so they're looking to start up the draft.

But kids are smart. They know that going to college could possibly keep them out of the gun sights, so the proposed legislation will now eliminate the higher education deferment.

And. Oh, yeah, girls get to go get shot at too. (But hey, if girls can play amateur torturer in Iraq, they can certainly take it from the other side. So to speak.)

Ordinarily, I'm in great favor of the draft in times of war because it tends to level the playing field. Everyone gets to go get shot at regardless if they are rich or poor. Also, Senators with kids of draft age would think have to be damned sure about what they're doing to make wars and stuff.


Everyone knows that the kid of a Senator gets his ass kissed in the military, and rich people can buy off people to get their kids assignments in a nice safe spot like Kansas.

So, I propose that we, the people plug the loophole. This is the age of the Internet! We can start a website that tracks such things and gets hypocrite members of Congress recalled. We can find the people who take the bribes and get them booted, by posting their names on a website (perhaps one that operates in Singapore). Unfortunately "The Smoking Gun" is already taken, so how about "The Licking Boot"?

As a final note, I find it distressing that the army only takes well-behaved smart people. We should do more to lower the standards, so that we on average send more idiots and criminals into the rain of lead. I'm writing my congressman right away on this matter and so should you.

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-spi- said...

Thank you for the reply, given your " self dubbed " title I wasn't really suprised in by what you said in the least .

Well who am I to argue with a God so obviously you must be right about me , I am terribly pitiful in every aspect and that is why I rant and complain about things the are irrelevant to my life and I have no firsthan experince of.

yours humbly