Monday, August 22, 2005


This post has convinced me to register as a brain donor. Tom has once again moved my politics toward the left.

As you can all now see, I am not unbending.

On 8/22/05, Tom wrote:
Suppose that my spleen is 1% of my body weight. I die, and there is somebody else who, for his own reasons, is prepared to host my spleen for 120 months. The way I figure it, I just picked up 1.2 months of life. Regards, Tom

Update: I've been asked, "What if they put your brain in a girl? Will your spelling improve?"

My answer is that they damned well know that if they did that I'd never get any work at all done, so I doubt they'll do it. And I never much cared if my spelling was ok so I doubt I'd notice if it got better.

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