Monday, August 08, 2005

hydrogen from sunlight advances(?)

If you drill into the DOE website, you'll find a bunch of stuff pumping the idea of converting sunlight directly into hydrogen:

Basic Energy Sciences Workshop and Technical Reports | Brief ...
Basic Research for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative  (pdf)

I thought to myself, "Hey, that'd be cool, I could use a vat of dangerous bacteria that I've custom developed in my basement in order to make all the hydrogen gas I need!" Unfortunately, not everyone has a vat of bacteria being bred for nefarious purposes, and so I was under the impression that this line of research it was a pipe dream.

Until I read this Chemist Tries to Solve World's Energy Woes. His slant isn't creating nanobot-bacteria hybrid armies to take over the world, but scouring the earth for that perfect catalyst. What. A. Man! His only shortcoming as far as I can tell is giving it away to the world for free. Unless he has some kind of backroom power-broker deal under works, I don't care how smart he is, he's still an idiot. He could guarantee wealth for his progeny for untold generations. Hell, if he made enough, he could get in on the early days research into longevity treatments and enjoy his obscene wealth and power for a good long time.

But of course, the lining of the trench coat also shows that there's big bucks in chasing DOE pipe dreams, as well:
Department of Energy Announces $64 Million in Hydrogen Research & Development Projects
Research Needs and Opportunities In Radiation Chemistry (pdf)
It's nothing like what he'd be making if he gets a patent issued (and he manages to keep it from being classified for national security).

But who knows, maybe something will come of it. Maybe if he sends me a copy of his quantum electrical model for the molecular reaction process I'd custom design a nanodot to catalyze his reaction for him.

For a price. Y'all can call it the Loki Tax when you fuel up. Feel free to call me names and shit when you send me a check.

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